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Thank you for visiting my website store where you’ll find lots of wonderful and unique products, many about or by Sailor Jerry Collins of Hawaii.

This is the only place where you can find many original and authentic Sailor Jerry items for sale. While other merchandise floods the marketplace under the Sailor Jerry name, those mass-produced items are produced by an advertising agency out of Philadelphia (Gyro Advertising) which has nothing to do with Sailor Jerry or his art. Other sellers tack Sailor Jerry’s name onto anything they want to sell, knowing his name carries a great deal of “marketability.” All of these people have no connection to the real man himself.
I, however, am one of a handful of people who actually worked with Sailor Jerry and at the time of his death, I used my Grandmother’s inheritance money to purchase his estate from his widow in 1973. Everything on this site is authentic and original. There has been no middle man, no reproductions or reprints.

I have two catalogs: Acetate Tattoo Stencils, Vol. I and Vol. II. These have been very successful bestsellers around the world. Should you desire to purchase any stencil from me at any time, send me the page number of the book and which stencil you’d like and we can discuss.

His Book: Tattoo Tales by Sailor Jerry is a facsimile copy of a manuscript I found in my paperwork. It was written by Jerry sometime in the early 1970s and remains as I found it, complete with his hand-written alterations. I bind the book by hand. You can only purchase this book here or on eBay or at a few other stores across the country.

Hand-carved acetate tattoo stencils by Sailor Jerry (Norman Keith) Collins of Hawaii (1911-1973).

Perfect as a gift for you or anyone who loves the art and history of tattooing. These are genuine artifacts of a era gone by. Still in original condition, carrying carbon from the last use—never cleaned or altered.

All stencils carry Sailor Jerry’s signature or stamp. (The NKC emblem is his given name—the $ stands for his SJ or stamp. The other numbers & letters were Jerry’s own filing system.

I still sell a small number of original Sailor Jerry business cards, especially those he used to feature his Feminigraphic business (tattooing young women for free before 5 p.m. if they removed their panties!). These are NOT reprints or reproductions. They are all singly hand-struck on old florist cards. Only a few remain in my possession and there are no more in the world that I know of.

The posters are reprints . . . of flash or placards that hung in Jerry’s shop at the time of his death.

Watch for my upcoming line of Shanghai Kate tee shirts, panties, g-strings and other items . . .

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