HIS BOOK: Tattoo Tales by Sailor Jerry

HIS BOOK: Tattoo Tales by Sailor Jerry

If you’re serious about tattooing, this is the book to have.

It’s like a conversation with Sailor Jerry Collins, the most important tattoo artist of the 20th century.

Other books have been written about Sailor Jerry but this is the ONLY book that he actually wrote. It was written near the end of his life in the 1960s. It is a rough draft and no other versions exist. This is completely authentic, written on his old typewriter, corrected in his own hand. It is reproduced here exactly as he wrote it, with all his corrections and typos. Not one word has been added or altered. It contains his overview of tattooing, cautious as it may be, along with many of his stories—all told in his unique and colorful “no-holds-barred” language.

Hand bound with brass screws in vinyl covers, this is a required volume for any serious tattoo art collector’s library. Every book is signed by Kate Hellenbrand and numbered.

Approximately 75 pages with a never-before-seen photo of Sailor Jerry in his shop.

This book is being released from the private collection of Kate Hellenbrand who worked with Jerry for a brief time in 1972, shortly before his death. It has been kept secret for all these years and this is the first release.

The book is $60 plus $13 shipping for one $10 shipping for each additional copy, Overseas shipping is USPS and starts at $30 for one and $20 for each additional copy.

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